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First Meetup Retrospective

First, thanks again to our presenters, Chad Fowler and Evan Light. Thanks also to our moderators, Charles, Jim, Nathen, Sean, and Yasha.

If you weren’t able to join us live, you can watch the full recording on YouTube. Please leave us comments, and feel free to ask Chad or Evan questions on our G+ Page; we’ll be asking them to follow up with answers there so we can be sure everyone around the world is included.


Chad’s interview went off well, and so did Evan’s presentation. I was impressed with the hangout’s video quality. I thought the audio quality was especially good; I never had to ask a speaker to repeat themselves.

Our moderators did a great job pulling in comments from the YouTube stream, even though the live comments were jumbled up.

I thought the social hangouts afterward went better than expected, although there weren’t as many as I had hoped for. I think more organization will help. I do feel strongly they will allow us to create that face-to-face community we’re going for.

Next Time

YouTube’s live comment stream was a little hard to follow. Next time we’ll have moderators pulling in questions and comments from Twitter (hashtag #rubyhangout) and IRC (#rubyhangout on

Most people who wanted to hang out after the presentations ended up combining into one hangout, which ran out of room. Next time we’ll ask moderators to create rooms in pairs and have a more coordinated system for sharing the room links. That way there should be plenty of space, and nobody should feel lonely. We’ll also create a shortcut link from this website to more easily access the list of live hangouts.

Jim Gay also suggested that we try having some people start a social hangout during the broadcast to allow people to join more cleanly after the presentations. I like this idea too, but it means less moderators helping us out in the broadcast! ;)

Next Hangout: November 7th

I’m excited for our next hangout! We already have Jeff Casimir lined up to talk about internationalization. Depending on your feedback, we could have another interview or another presentation. Rubyconf is just before this hangout, so I hope to spread the word more there and perhaps find some more presenters. Anyone I should look for in particular? Let me know in the comments!

Other people we have lined up to talk soon are Jim Gay (Clean Ruby, Radiant), Noah Gibbs (Rebuilding Rails), and Nathen Harvey (Opscode / Chef). Please contact us if you’re interested in speaking; we want to hear everyone’s voice!

This Is Your Community!

What do you think went well? What do you think needed work? This is your community, and it takes everyone’s input and ideas to make it a success. Did you like the interview format? How about more “standard” presentations? What should we do in the future?

Leave a comment, and let’s start a conversation!

-Josh (@jszmajda)