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Clean Clean Code

Jim Gay talked about cleaning up and making your code more understandable through DCI (Data, Contect and Interaction.) Jim discussed delegation, extending classes and gave us one of the best programming quotes we’ve ever heard. ‘Your brain is the first compiler, you should optimize for that.’ Jim also discussed how DCI makes testing, thinking about the project and bringing new people on to the project much much easier.

You can view the hangout on youtube and if you want to hear Jim say his fantastic quote, you can see it here.

Jim also offered the watchers of the podcast a discount if you want to read more about it. Just head over to the clean ruby website and use the code HANGOUT.

The Picks

  • John Carmack – He has joined Oculus Rift as CTO.
  • Paradise Porter – MmMmMmm beer.
  • Kinesis Keyboard – Ergonomic keyboard.
  • Surge Conf – Awesome tech conference in the DC/Baltimore area.
  • More Beer – Now open on the east coast.
  • [Surrounded Gem] – Awesome gem.
  • Rubydcamp – Best ruby conference ever.
  • Uncle Bob – Uncle Bob’s phenomenal talk Architecture the Lost Years.
  • Kingdom Rush – Fun tower defense game.
  • RubyFlow – Great way to get your ruby content out to the world.
  • [Rails API] – A more lightweight version of Rails for using as an API.

Audio Now Available

We’ve had requests to make the hangout available in audio format for listening on your commutes to work and we’ve listened!

Click here for audio

Remember that this talk and all the others are available on our youtube channel.