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Ember and Dockyard Gems

As children we see the world with a sense of wonder that comes about from a sense of newness with the world. This month Brian Cardarella brought back that sense of wonder and excitement as he spoke to us about Dockyard’s gems, Ember.js and organizing Boston’s upcoming Ruby conference Wicked Good Ruby Conf.

Brian discussed the following gems:

Brian also gave an excellent talk on the history of Ember.js, the benefits of using it and how it is being used. For those considering using it, it was pointed out that Discourse is the current post child for Ember. Brian also provided some excellent resources for learning Ember such as the Ember guides as well as the EmberCasts and Ember101 screencasts for video learning. This only scratches the surface of the talk, everything from forms to json to hateos was discussed with a great quote from Yehuda thrown in there too. It is definitely worth watching.

Next month we have Aaron Patterson who is on both the Ruby and Rails core team and sure to amaze us.

The Picks

We also had our first Anti Pick this month.

Anti Picks

Audio Now Available

We’ve had requests to make the hangout available in audio format for listening on your commutes to work and we’ve listened!

Click here for audio

Remember that this talk and all the others are available on our youtube channel.